Your Guide to the Best White Pants for Men

White pants are a staple of fashion – able to pair well with just about anything in your wardrobe. They separate you from the crowd and look very clean and classy. White Khaki or Chino has become much more trendy and fashionable in recent years, but is also was never ‘out’ of fashion. Take a look back to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc… and you’ll find that white pants have been a part of every generation. This timeless fashion is classic and best of all can be used in formal and informal occasions. white pants for men


In the picture; Dockers Men’s Signature Khaki D2 Straight-Fit Pant


How to Size White Pants

Nothing is worse than white pants that don’t fit. The fit is arguably the most important part for both comfort and for fashion. It should be a comfortable fit. Not too loose and not too tight. Usually straight leg or a slim leg is best for those who want to have mobility and be able to wear these both in a business world and the regular world.

Consider how active you’ll be in these pants. Are you just going to be doing mainly desk work or hanging out with friends? Slim or slim straight is perfect. Is it going to be something requiring mobility such as construction or moving a house? Consider straight leg or original fit for some extra room in the thighs.

White Pants for Men are Immune to Time

The best part about white pants is that they have been around for decades and will continue to do so. While skinny fits, flares, and wildly baggy pants may come and go, a classic fit such as a straight leg will be around forever. As I mentioned before, every generation has had this fashion for the past 60 or 70 years, so you can rest assured if your white pants last even 5 years you’ll still be sporting some fashionable wear.

Material wise khakis are generally pretty solid. Chinos are as well, but they are slightly higher in the use of cotton, so they don’t last quite as long and will show wear earlier. This also varies a huge amount depending on the brand purchased.

Prices of White Jeans

The material and over all quality of your white pants come down to the brand you purchase. Take a look at the link in the beginning of this article. Good reputable brands will have large amounts of reviews on amazon or elsewhere. Amazon is so popular because there’s so much user feedback on products there (where else are you going to find 4000+ reviews on a pair of white pants?). It would be too large of a job to actually review the quality of pants for every supplier as that’s just about a lifetime worth of work! So why not let amazon do it for me :)

Price wise – White pants also vary. Unlike jeans, white pants can merit high prices depending on fabric quality. While I said white jeans over 150+ means your paying for brand names, khakis and chinos over 150+ dollars could actually be because of the fine material used (and also brand name!).

So check out the link above to get started on your search! If they aren’t quite your style don’t worry, you’ll find it links to hundreds of other white jeans you can search through!

Need some style advice? Watch this video to learn how to sport a fly pair of white pants.