How to Choose the Perfect Mens White Jeans

Denim jeans aren’t just jeans – they are a staple of a generation. White denim exudes personality and is at it’s peak in the fashion world. Trust me when I say, something as simple as white denim will turn more heads that you ever have before. They catch your eye in any situation and still look clean and classy. Don’t worry – these looks are the good kind of looks!

mens white jeans

In the picture; Levi’s Men’s 501 Original-Fit Jean


The best part of denim is it’s timeless – and I mean that in the fashion sense and the durability sense! Denim will last a long time, and I don’t think it will ever be leaving the fashion world. So you can bet in 5 years you’ll still be sporting a fly pair of white denim.


Getting the Right-White Size 

Here’s the most important rule of fashion – make sure it fits. Seriously, nothing is worse than ill-fitting clothing. If you’re looking to stand out with a fly pair of men’s white jeans make sure they fit accordingly. Now I’m not saying you need to get them tailored, I’m just saying get the right general fit for you body type.

A slim or straight leg fit is the safest bet (or somewhere in-between). This kind of fit will make sure its loose enough for mobility and comfort, but tight enough to be fashionable and not look overly baggy. Remember the fits that were lost to time – overly-baggy pants, flares, skinny jeans. In some cases they work, but if you want to be taken seriously wear a classic fit.

Mens White Jeans last FOREVER!

Denim is crazy long-lasting. Seriously, I’ve had a pair of denim jeans for over 8 years until I finally had to retire them (not that I recommend you do that!). That’s a testament to their strength. Denim is a material that actually gets stronger and softer with age, not many other materials can claim that. You’ll notice that 90% of denim pants that are thrown out are because;

  1. They don’t fit anymore.
  2. They ripped… in the seams.


It’s rare that denim wears out and rips, and if it does rip it’s in the seams (crotch rips anyone?). Getting the wrong fit is actually the reason this usually happens, it probably sits too low in the crotch area. A

As for it being a timeless fashion – take a look back at the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc.. Can you show me a picture where denim wasn’t being sported? Greasers in the 50’s – denim pants. Rock in the 60’s and 70’s – denim pants. I digress.

Trust me, if it’s lasted this long, they won’t be going anywhere in your 2-5 years of use.

The Best White Jeans for Men

I got you started with the pair above – follow that link and read some reviews to see if they’re your style. The great thing about amazon is they literally have hundreds of options with thousands of reviews each. So take a look there to get started and browse around!

Look at the video below to get some fashion sense for those who are lacking! Mens’ white jeans are versatile, but somehow people manage to still wear them wrong.