Finding the Best White Jeans for Men

Your everyday denim is much more than just a pair of jeans – it’s your calling card. It’s capable of representing your style and personality through first glance. No pair of jeans turns heads quite like a pair of white jeans for men. Denim is known to be a sturdy material, low maintenance, and can fit with almost every item in your wardrobe.white jeans for men


In the picture; Levi’s Men’s 501 Original-Fit Jean


A timeless pair of jeans have a classic shape and you’ll know it when you see it. Fabric is tested and dependable and is one of the few fabrics that actually improves with age.

Sizing Guide for White Jeans

Getting the right fit when you’re searching for white pants is incredibly important. You want the fit to be comfortable, but not loose. Most often a slim or straight leg fit is best, something that tapers slightly at the ankle but allows for ample room to move around in the thigh.

Depending on how active you plan on being, you may want to get something a bit looser, like the original fit shown above. If you’re working in these or just want some extra room the original fit is a solid choice.

White Jeans for Men – A Timeless Fashion?

The nice part about denim, and white denim jeans, is that no matter how trends change common shades like white or original denim always fit. Take a look back to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc… And you’ll be sure to find denim jeans in every generation. With the amount of brands to choose from it can be a hard choice. While denim is a solid material, not all denim is created equal. A rugged and reliable brand such as Dickies or Levi’s is a sure fire way to get a time tested set of reliable jeans.

Prices of White Jeans

As I mentioned, quality varies a ton when it comes to clothing in general. Reputable brands generally have a ton of reviews available so you can get a sense of how good they are. Check out the example above, you’ll see the white jeans have over 5000 reviews and still holds close to a 5-star rating!

There are jeans that go up to 200-300 dollars, but in that price range you’re paying for slight tweaks in style and most often a brand name. White jeans under 50 dollars will tend to start to show in terms of lower qualities (not always bad, just lower quality), while between the 50 – 150 range you’ll find jeans are long lasting and have a true quality make. So to recap;

50 dollars and under – Usually lower quality in stitching, material thickness

50 – 150 dollars – Good Quality (thickness, stitching and durability)

150+ dollars – Paying for Brand Name

The Best White Jeans for Men

So there’s a quick run down to get you started. Take a look at my suggestion above, you’ll find that it comes in every fit possible. If that’s not your style it will have hundreds of other choices of white jeans for men all with hundreds of reviews! Definitely a good spot to pick up your own pair of white jeans!

Need some inspiration? Check out this video and get inspired by a few pairs of white jeans!